West Waikato: Marokopa Falls – Piripiri Caves – Mangapohue Natural Bridge

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Driving back into civilization from Kritehere Beach you’ll pass a few must sees. Among them are the Marokopa Falls, Piripiri Caves (bring your torch / headlamp!) and the stunning Mangapohue Natural Bridge. Basically you are hopping from one little walk to the other which is quite nice, as you do not have to spend very long times driving on the winding (and sometimes seemingly endless) kiwi roads before the next point of interest.


The very short walk from the parking spot will lead you straight to a platform with an incredible view on the falls. On your way you’ll walk through some beautiful and untouched native forest. The vegetation did remind us a quite a bit of Jurassic Park. 🙂

Next stop is Piripiri Caves. Again a very short hike all very well maintained and easy access. There’s a stairway down into the cave where you can see dripstones.

Just a few kilometers further you will arrive at the next stopover – Mangapohue Natural Bridge. No matter what, here you’ll have to stop and do the again very quick walk over to the cave. If you want, there’s some beautiful rock formations if you exit the cave on the other side.

We did all the visits on our way back from Kritehere Beach. This is however also a great destination for a daytrip. Short distances to cover and lot’s of things to see! 🙂

We did absolutely fall in love with this part of the North Island. It is off the beaten track and there’s not such an excessive tourism like in e.g. Hobbiton.



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