Jordan Manley is back with his final season of “A Skier’s Journey”!

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I was very happy to read on Adventure Journal this morning, that Jordan Manley’s “A Skier’s Journey” is back. The web series features some great skiers and shows them skiing very remote places. Knowing from our own experience, how difficult it is to shoot video (and good audio) in these remote locations, I do admire Jordan’s great work!

On Adventure Journal, Jordan says that his “goal is to make the films as immersive and engaging as possible”. That is what Jordan’s films have been to me ever since I watched the first episode of A Skier’s Joruney on Vimeo. His films get under your skin and hisΒ increased focus on sound design does only add to that! Well worth to watch!! πŸ™‚

Check out his first episode of the last season:

A SKIER’S JOURNEY | Final Season | Trailer from Jordan Manley on Vimeo.

Iran: A Skier’s Journey from Jordan Manley on Vimeo.

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