Meeting old friends

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It’s always good to meet like-minded people again, so there’s nothing better than having a good chat and a beer with my friend Tobi Deckert and his girlfriend Melanie Prakesch. Both of them are on their way to a kitesurf shooting in northern Germany and Denmark but very soon all of us noticed that working remotely is the key to this amazing lifestyle. Traveling, sports and of course some jobs connected to that are those things that makes us happy and gives us the feeling of freedom.

While chatting about the funny moments we had in the past, some nice memories about our Norway trip in April 2017 came up. Freezing on a glacier with more than -10° is definitely a difference to the high summer temperatures right now. But still it was a lot of fun when we argued about the weather if it’s worth unpacking the kites to get pulled up on the glacier or suffer the pain just hiking with all the gear to survive a couple of days on the glacier… for those of you who missed this experience, here is our recap again: NORWAY POST.

But now it’s time for Mel and Tobi to continue their trip further north to catch the nice conditions which are forecasted very certainly. If you are seeking for an awesome kite experience the goal for most kiters is always to have either flat water for doing some freestyle tricks or big waves to enjoy the flow of the water or simply push yourself to the orbit. In this case the wind is laminar like in a laboratory and just behind the street of a dam it can’t be more flat.

When drinking beer with friends and crawling into old memories there’s always a huge chance to come up with something new. This is how effective brainstorming is done nowadays. 🙂 So once certain projects are fulfilled it might happen that the boys go on an adventure again. This time eastern Europe should be explored. So keep following us and stay updated!

Beside his inflatable car roof rack project ShredRack Tobi is currently building up a platform for adventure seeking backpackers called tronature. With his experience about traveling and addiction to exceeding frontiers, a lot of valuable information can be found over there. Check it out! 🙂


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