Sailing and kitesurfing in the Danish South Seas

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In spring Arne Bölts and I set sail to embark on an amazing cruise to explore some of the best hidden kitesurf spots left to be explored in the area. Here is what they found.

If you do not want to read the text you can watch the full film here:

Long tacks through the night all the way to Aero.

At first, the wind was challenging us with a never ending sequence of upwind tacks. Late at night, it must have been around 2am we decided to abort and moor in Soby, Aero. After so many hours, tack after tack after tack, we just had to rest and slept in.

After having bacon for breakfast the tour went on and we finally reached our destination. We anchored the boat near a large bay, which does not block the wind and provided endless flat, crystal clear water and sandy ground.

Sebastian is steering the boat to its anchorage in the bay.

In the coming days the wind was not very stable, it came and went. Since we brought two hydrofoils that didn’t really bother us though. 🙂 We were lucky and caught some really good sessions in between, when the wind was stronger. The spot turned out to be beyond expectations. If you seek flat water and a waist deep playground with sandy grounds, you could not ask for more.

Foiling into the sunset

We also made sure to bring enough food and supplies so that we ate very well during the off-days. Our portable BBQ was slightly modified so we could even make fresh Pizza. I guess when you get older, these little things start to make a big difference. 😀

We kept us entertained during the off-days. 😉

During all of the trip we had to watch the wind closely so we would not miss our window to make it home. Due to the presence of a very stable anti-cyclone the winds started to weaken by the hour and we had no choice but to leave, throw up the spinnaker and make miles. We could have been more lucky with the wind but it was yet again one great little micro-adventure. It showed once again that you do not have to embark on 3-week trips or vast expeditions to have a good time, explore something new and return with a big smile on your face.

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