World Ocean Review Report Series

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Over the course from 2010 until 2017 the German based non-profit maribus has published a series of 5 encompassing reports about our world’s oceans:

  1. Living with the oceans (2010)
  2. The Future of Fish – The Fisheries of the Future (2013)
  3. Marine Resources – Opportunities and Risks (2014)
  4. Sustainable Use of Our Oceans – Making Ideas Work (2015)
  5. Coasts – A Vital Habitat Under Pressure (2017)

According to their website, the “mission is to boost awareness of the oceans” and thus the “World Ocean Review” was created as a “unique compilation presenting the state of our oceans and encapsulating cutting-edge science”.

For most of us, the ocean’s do provide key livelihood services including food and recreation. As a long-time kitesurfing and sailing enthusiast I have to say there would be no way for me to live without these wonderful seas. I do highly recommend this read to any person with a general interest in our planet and the current state of the science around the world’s oceans. The reports are written in a very easy to “digest” way and include countless illustrations and figures that make them perfectly easy to understand. For readers with any background they do open up access to these fascinating topics.

And the best is that they can be accessed FREE OF CHARGE to download or even to order as a hard-copy:

World Ocean Review Reports


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